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Reviews of Whateverwheels Accident Management Services

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Customer Reviews

Mr Barker rated us 10/10 - Moped vs Van   "Someone reversed into my scooter"

"I was riding my moped on my way home when a van reversed into me, i didnt fall of but the moped was damaged on the front and didnt feel right whilst riding.  The driver said he would pay cash to repair my bike but I called Whateverwheels Accident Management who recovered my moped and found the fork linkages to be bent.  Due to this my moped was not road safe, Whateverwheels provided me with a hire moped so i could still get to and from work and not cause any disruption to my life.  From the initial call to Whateverwheels to the hire bike arriving it was less than 1 hour!  Very impressed and highly recommended".


Mr Davis rated us 10/10 - Car vs Car   "Someone crashed into the back of my car"

"I was sat in stationary traffic when a car drove into the rear of my car, i swapped details at the roadside with the other driver and called Whateverwheels who advised me on what to do.  My car was recovered the next day to a bodyshop of my choice rather than the main workshop my insurance wanted to use.  It cost me nothing and I got a hire car to use whilst mine was being repaired.  The service was efficient and i would choose Whateverwheels over my insurance company to deal with any incident in the future".


Mr Simpson rated us 9/10 - Motorcycle vs Cars   "I was involved in a multi-vehicle crash"

"I had just had my motorbike serviced at Blackburn Motorcycle & Scooter Centre and within minutes of leaving the garage I was involved in a multi-vehicle accident.  I called Whateverwheels who came out to the accident scene and recovered my bike to their bodyshop.  I had a discussion with the advisors who advised me on what action I should take, I received a hire vehicle whilst mine was in the garage but unfortunately my bike was written off due to the extent of the damage.  I received a full payout for the value of my bike and got to keep the salvage which I sold on for parts. Great service and a fountain of knowledge".


Mr Evans rated us 10/10 - Cycle vs Car   "I was knocked off my bicycle"

"I was knocked off my pedal bike and luckily one of the Whateverwheels recovery vans was nearby and witnessed the accident, the driver offered me losts of advise at the road side and offer his companies assistance.  My cycle was recovered to the cycle repair centre and an estimate completed.  I was in training for a triathalon when this accident took place so needed to get back on the road, I mentioned this to Whateverwheels and they provided me with a hire cycle which was nearly like for like.  I continued my training whilst my bike was being assessed and repaired.  My bike was repaired in full with new replacement parts and back to me in time for the triathalon! I was one happy customer... Im very greatful for the help and assistance of the driver".


Mr Lovell rated us 9/10 - Moped vs Car   "Someone pulled out on me and my moped was crushed"

"I was riding home from college when a 4x4 pulled out from a side street, luckily I jumped off my scooter before it was rolled over!  The police came to the scene and recovered my scooter to a police impound.  A few days later I called Blackburn Motorcycles looking to get an estimate to repair my scooter as my insurance would struggle to help me.  They recommended Whateverwheels Accident Management Services who i chose to use.   My scooter was collected from the impound and I was given a hire bike to use whilst mine was off the road.  The claim was taken on but my bike was crushed and deemed a write off but i got paid out for the bike and got to keep the salvage which i used to negotiate a deal with the garage to buy a new scooter."


Mr Barker rated us 10/10 - Motorcycle vs Car   "A car pulled out infront of me and a fell off"

"I was on my way to work when a car pulled out infront of me, i put my brakes on to try and stop but ended up sliding along the road with my bike.  The car didnt stop but I remembered the make, model and colour of the car and that it had trade plates on.  My bike was not roadworthy so I could not get to work that day, i went into the garage but they refused to give me any details and said it was my fault i was speeding and id fell off.  I called the police who logged the accident but could not attend the scene.  I called Whateverwheels who came to recover my bike, I sat down with an advisor who took all the details of the incident and contacted the garage on my behalf.  Whateverwheels accepted my accident as a non-fault claim and provided me with a hire bike and completed all the repair work to my bike.  I was very happy with the service I received".


Miss Dearden rated us 10/10 - Scooter vs Van   "A van pulled out infront of me"

"I was on my way to work when a van pulled out infront of me and i went straight into the side of it :(.  The driver of the van got out and blamed me saying id come from nowhere and it was my fault, i didnt know what to do.  I called Blackburn Motorcycles and asked them what to do as i bought the bike from them.  They put me through to a claims advisor and took all of my details and sent a recovery driver to pick up my bike.  I visited the hospital as i was injured at the roadside because of the accident and was in shock.  Whateverwheels Accident Managment Services completed an estimate on my scooter which was deemed a write off as it had a bent frame, I was offered a hire bike whilst my claim was on going but because it was a serious accident i didnt want to get back onto the bike.  I was made an offer for my scooter which i took and also got my damaged bike back which I then sold to a garage for parts.  Without this service and support from both the garage and accident company I would have been stuck... Thank You!


Mrs Rodriguez rated us 10/10 - Scooter vs Car   "Somebody reversed into my unattended scooter"

"Somebody reversed into my scooter and knocked it over causing a large amount of damage, the driver said he would pay for the repair but wasnt will to pay either of the quote which i had obtained so he decided to call garages him self to get copy parts and asked garages to cut corners.  Whateverwheels received a call from him and had a discussion with me and offered their assistance with the repair.  My vehicle was recovered on late saturday afternoon and i was in desperate need of another bike for the morning after to travel to work.  The claims to pulled out all the stops to ensure I had a vehicle early the next morning to travel to work whilst mine was in the garage.  My bike was deemed a write off due to the cost of replacing panels, I was paid out for the scooter and got the scooter back, I had the repair work carried out and I am back on the road riding my price and joy! Thanks guys".


 Mr Worthington rated us 10/10 - Scooter vs Car   "A car pulled out on me and I fell off"

"I was riding home from work when a taxi pulled out infront of me causing me to swerve a slide down the road damaging my bike.  The handlebars were bent out of shape from the wheel so I was stuck at the roadside.  I called Whateverwheels who recovered my scooter out of hours at no cost to me and ensured i had a hire bike within 24 hours to get to and from work.  My scooter was written off due to the damage caused, i was paid out for the scooter and sold my salvage to the garage when i purchased my replacement bike.  Very helpful staff, top service".


Mr Taylor rated us 10/10 - Motorcycle vs Car   "I was knocked off"

"I went to over take a car and the car swerved causing me to fall off my motorcycle, I tried using my own insurance company for a claim and was told they would not cover it as it would be knock for knock and I was only third party.  I called Whateverwheels who took the accident claim on and recovered my motorcycle from home as it wasnt rideable in the condition it was.  They completed an estimate and provide a hire vehicle for me to use aswell as replacing my damaged helmet.  My motorbike was fully repaired at no cost to me! Excellent company, i wouldnt have a bike if it wasnt for these".


 Mr Thomas rated us 10/10 - Scooter vs Car   "My unattended scooter was reversed into"

"I was at home and heard a bang, looking out of the window i noticed my bike had been knocked over by a car.  I got all the details of the driver and vehicle who told me they would be for the damage caused.  I received an estimate and the driver refused to pay which then left me stuck with a damaged bike.  Whateverwheels Accident Management offered to take the claim on for me, and recovered the vehicle into the workshop, completed a full estimate and due the extent of the damage it was written off.  I got paid out and purchased a new vehicle from the garage".

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